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Online Auction Websites

Online sales continue to grow every year and Online Auction Sites are becoming increasingly popular and competitive, with more sophisticated platforms for online bidders. It’s Fun! Few things in this world are more exciting than placing the winning bid in an auction and winning something truly rare and special that you have your eye on. You can win or purchase jewelry, clothing, books, cars, boats, snowmobiles, you name it and its online. Many sites are liquidation sites or collectables so its not just low prices on toilet paper we are talking about.

Ebay started it all in 1995 when it was known as AuctionWeb, eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY) was one of the first online selling and buying portals and, for years, held the monopoly in digital auctions. Today thank’s to the internet, new auction sites are competing in eBay’s space, offering consumers a wider choice of digital online auctions. Technological advances have contributed to the rise and evolution of this part of the eCommerce marketplace and there are many success stories as well as complaints.

Today you can find anything you need on the internet and they ship it right to your door. But if you are selling you may find both Ebay and Amazon have been known to use you as test marketers while you pay monthly fee’s to sell your products and pay a large portion of your profit generally 15% to 19% before shipping then if your product is popular they will begin to sell it directly. Both Amazon and Ebay have no problem telling sellers to pass the large fee’s on to the end user or buyer or take the loss to sell on their platform.

Well today there are plenty of alternatives to eBay. Whether you’re looking to boycott eBay or just looking for additional revenue sources we would like to help by publishing an ongoing list of online auction websites. Some sites might specialize in auto sales and another in electronics so one site will rarely fit all. We think online sellers and buyers should always consider alternative solutions. If you know of one or more auction sites we missed please feel free to email us and we will to add them. We will do our best to try to keep this list up to date with interesting auction sites. We cant list them all so I’m sure we missed some of the local sites for you so remember to do a Google search for Online Auctions in your local area to make sure you do not miss any great deals.

We sell product packaging so many of our customers sell online and use this site to stay competitive. Let us know if we can help you sell your products!